Garage Door Spring Replacement

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Garage door springs are the components that take the weight of a garage door and help in smooth opening and closing of the door.

These are crucial to both manual and automatic garage doors and come with a limited lifespan because of the weight and tension on them. With time and usage, garage door springs lose their effectiveness and if ignored for a long time, they can become a safety hazard.

Yes, garage doors may fail completely and there have been instances when they have fallen down unexpectedly. They also tend to refuse to open when needed or get stuck in the middle. Therefore, garage door spring replacement should be considered important and done from time to time.

Garage Door Spring Replacement – Signs of an Issue

How can you know that your garage doors spring replacement time has come? Well, the most obvious signs are the weird sounds coming out of the door as you open or shut it. If it is making a squeaking sound or a sound that you haven’t heard before, you should consider checking the springs.

Another strong symptom that indicates a problem is when the door suddenly becomes too heavy. Garage door springs are supposed to take the weight of the door when being opened or closed. A faulty or old spring will not be able to do this job properly and will require you to exert more weight.

If you have an electric/automatic garage door, you will easily notice the amount of strain on the garage door opener. The opener will take time and will also make straining noises to indicate that it is applying extra strength to do the job.

Unfortunately, these springs cannot be repaired. They are a single part that needs garage door spring replacement in order to help a situation.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

A garage door spring has a lot of weight in it, so, you can only imagine what happens when a spring snaps. Yes, the door comes down like a bullet. This can cause serious injuries to any person who is under or near the garage door.

If a spring breaks while the door is shut, you won’t be able to open the door till you replace the spring. So, you might get stuck for some time till help arrives. In any case, the breaking of garage door spring can cause hassles, inconvenience, and even injuries.

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We are a premier garage door service company with 18 years of experience in working with all designs and brands of garage doors. We know how dangerous an old or broken garage door spring can be, therefore, we understand the urgency of the situation. We specialize in quick garage door spring replacement and fix stuck or misbehaving garage doors. Simply call us on our number and we will be at your garage within your requested time. We do routine garage door spring replacement Chicago and we also offer emergency services.