Garage Door Cable Repair

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Garage door cables run through garage door springs and prevent them from recoiling.

These cables are responsible for holding a garage door when the springs suddenly break or malfunction. Garage doors have different types of cables depending on the type of spring system installed in the set. For example, torsion garage springs have torsion spring cables and extension spring cables have extension spring cables.

These cables are of utmost importance for a properly functioning and safe garage door. Garage door cables are made of metal and are extremely strong. They are also flexible because they have to wind and unwind constantly in order to open and close the garage door. Constant usage and time take a toll on these cables and make them prone to breaking at an inopportune moment. A broken garage door cable can damage garage door springs and broken springs are no less than dangerous weapons and calls for garage door cable repair.

Garage Door Cable Repair – Do You Need It?

Have you noticed that your doors get jammed very frequently? That may be because the cable has wound up incorrectly around the drums; jamming the door in the process. This situation also leads to doors dropping on one side and getting stuck while being lowered.

Garage door cables also get completely detached from the drum and unwound on occasion. In this situation, again the doors get stuck or drop on one side. The rule says, that if your garage door is not working as smoothly as it should or is making weird noises, you should suspect a problem with spring or the cable and go for garage door cable repair. Immediately call a team of garage door professionals because some harmless-looking issues in the garage door can get really dangerous with time and can also cause severe injuries.

What Damages Garage Door Cables?

Age, usage, and rust are the common factors that damage these cables. Cables experience wear and tear just like any other component of a garage door and may eventually weaken. They also lose their strength to rust which slowly corrodes and weakens them over time. Fraying is another problem that damages garage door cables with time. Fraying is when smaller ropes inside the cable start separating and make it thin and weak with usage.

No matter the reason behind the damage, a broken cable can pose a big problem in garage door operations and needs to be fixed immediately by a garage door professional.

Garage Door Cable Repair Chicago IL – Call for Help

If you are in the Chicago area and struggling with an otherwise excellent garage door, give us a call. We Premium Garage IL, bring with us an experience of 18 years and expertise in working with garage doors of all shapes and sizes. If you notice an issue with your garage door while opening or closing and suspect a cable issue, call us and we will quickly fix your garage door cable repair Chicago IL. Call us even if you do not know what’s wrong.